Black Skew is a project by Skew, an Italian graphic designer and photographer from Umbria, who lives and works in London.

“I went out, I walked, I lost myself, I found something new” expresses the desire for research and discovery, linked to walking in the city, in different yet unseen places, to moving forward, linked to the principle of finding something new along the way, make it your own, bring it to light, show it to others.

It is the refusal of immobility, the need for freedom and vitality of the movement. The places become the starting tool, the journey the focal point of the whole.

The project brings to light the restlessness of living, the continuous disconnection and reconnection to the real world, the search for a fundamental and necessary meaning that escapes the speed of time in finite/infinite space, finding it in yet unknown places, those that exist but which have not been crossed yet, which become a source of inspiration and research, necessary for the creative act.

Transport in the city, travelling, crossing states, flights, the view from above, like the one from the human plane, the destabilization, the rapid change of perspective, crossing the world, airports, roads, the fast viewing from the train, the departure of the plane, everything that emerges from stasis, from immobility.

The images come to life along the way, the visual transcription of what wants to be photographed, seen, touched by hand.

All the work is divided into: concepts artworks visual explorations

The project started a few years ago, with the first concept linked to travel and the cities visited “Diaries of the city” a photographic visual research, of geometric, minimal elements, points, lines, surfaces, shapes and textures, found in the urban environment, which are extrapolated from the surrounding reality, to assume their original abstract form outside of time and space.

Over time, the project has expanded to include a range of other photo/graphic concepts that investigate reality as Southwest, Above the Surface, HTT, Pa(y)(s)sage, NRJ and Horizontal Journeys.

In addition to the concepts, the work involves the creation of photo/graphic artworks that don't have a strict correlation with each other and visual explorations, a themed editorial project, which brings together ninety different pieces, mainly graphic but also photographic, created according to a theme around which are developed.

HND (Haneda) risograph printed book, available The Sandwich Club
RÜDO Magazine, East London tip, available Antenne Books
Countries and cities included in the project so far:
Bali, Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, San Salvador), Canada (Montreal), Denmark (Copenaghen), Germany (Berlin), Iceland (Reykjavik), Italy (Milan, Rome, Sardinia), Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Nara, Kyoto), Malta (La Valletta), Montenegro, Morocco (Marrakesh), Poland (Warsaw), Portugal (Lisbon), Singapore, Spain (Barcelona), Switzerland, Ungary (Budapest), United Kingdom (London, Newcastle, Bristol, Swansea, Liverpool), USA (New York).


black skew is a journal, an ongoing series, which deals with a different photo/graphic theme each time.

black skew 01, is the first issue of the series, that opens the journal through a description of the global vision of the project, highlighting the three main containers through which the project takes shape, concept, artworks and visual explorations

If you would like to get black skew 01 please email: Also if you would like to produce an issue in collaboration, please email with object: "journal collaboration"


Cihan Tamti HOMEBOUND - New Wave

Fedrigoni 2021

NOIA Magazine 01 HTT Artwork

Oripeau N. 303, Pay(s)(s)age Panel in Montreal, Canada

Slanted Magazine #36 Coexist

Slanted Magazine Posters Can Help Pag. 224

RÜDO Magazine East London tip

Exhibitions and Publishing Fairs

Playground Dalston, London

Delabuela Barcelona

Hackney Wicked Festival Hackney Wick, London

UAL Publishing Fair Peckam Rye, London

Pushkin House Zine Fair Bloomsbury, London

DIY Art Market Peckam Rye, London

Offprint London 2024 Tate Modern, London


IG. @black.skew

W. Stoke Newington, London